Romulus BoieruRomulus Boieru, Composer/Producer/Arranger

Originally born in Dracula’s kingdom, Transylvania – Romania (now part of the European Union), Romulus Boieru, Composer/Producer/Arranger, relocated to Alberta, Canada in 2005.

Romulus area of expertise includes Film, Television, Video Games, Music on Hold, Beat production and Artist development.

Passion and integrity characterize Romulus. He showed musical talent since his early beginnings, studying guitar and piano at the age of six. He still cites a wide variety of musical likes and influences. Ranging from rhythm, to folk and blues, ballad, soft rock, Symphonic, EuroDance ,his musical likes prompted him to write songs for various artists, while working hard on building up his musical career. His skills enable him to craft music with precision and intelligence. Grace and thrill in abundance, built around compelling instrumentation, stand for his work.

Romulus composes Music for Film, jingles and music tracks for commercials and advertising campaigns. He often scores TV shows. Also provides professional Royalty Free Music ready for your next projects. Check the Download section for sample preview and purchase options.

For Custom Music Production work check the Contact section.

Accomplishing a helluva lot of hard work, Romulus is now busier than ever, spare time being an “if” condition of a dream-come-true. Still, get a hold on Romulus and talk to him about your particular needs. The outcome will pleasantly surprise you.

One of Romulus’s favorite Motto is: If Not Now, Then When?

My first instrumental music album is available now, 25 songs in a Motivational, Inspiring and Cinematic Music Story. Thank you very much for all your support.

Download – Juggernaut Spirit – Full Album Here

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